What are you regularly doing to improve your freediving performance?

Most freedivers and spearos say,

 "Well, I go diving whenever I can."

Diving whenever you can, is not a training plan.


I wanted  to give motivated freedivers and spearos a proven step-by-step training plan they can implement (FROM HOME, NO POOL, OR OCEAN NEEDED) to dive deeper and stay longer. 

If the Discovery Channel, Tim Kennedy, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, Ben Greenfield, and a SEAL Instructor trust me to improve their freediving abilities....why wouldn't you?


  • You are motivated and willing to train, but you need some guidance in what you should actually be doing from a trusted and reliable source.
  • You are tired of being told 10 different things by 10 different people.
  • You want to actually feel calm and comfortable at depth and are tired of feeling anxious at depth.
  • You want to learn competitive freediver's #1 secret weapon.  Yes, this works for spearos.
  • You want to increase your bottom time so you can get more done underwater.
  • You have tried to increase your breath-hold unsuccessfully, leaving you feeling frustrated.
  • You took a freediving class and were not happy with the results.
  • You are considering taking a freediving class in the future and want to be better prepared.
  • You are tired of doing o2 and co2 tables.

Freediving Training Secrets is an online 6-week training program that will teach you eight of the most effective dry land exercises I've used that will teach you how to dive deeper, stay longer, and feel more comfortable at depth.

Over 11,000 students have trusted my online courses to help them dive deeper, stay longer, and become safer. 

This is hands down the best one I've ever created. 

If you follow my step-by-step process, you will get results.

If you are ready for real results.
If you are willing to put in the effort.
Then let me show you the way.

Freediving Training Secrets

Ok Ted, but what is Freediving Training Secrets 
and how does it work? 

You start with my Breath-hold Fundamentals program. In this program, you will learn the first three things I teach every student, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced. There are around 5 hours of material in Breath-Hold Fundamentals.

After graduating from Breath-Hold Fundamentals, you start  Freediving Training Secrets, which is a 6 week training program. Each week you will unlock a new training video where I teach you the reasoning behind each weeks work out, and what exercises you will be doing, and what I want you to focus on during each exercise. Each week builds on the previous week so you are aren't doing the same thing over and over again. You get printouts each week of your workouts, and a printout to record your results.

Worried you will get busy?  Don't worry, you have unlimited access to the videos, so you go through the training on your schedule.

Ted, I'm busy how much time does it take?

Breath Hold Fundamentals contains about 5 hours of materials to get your prepped for the next step.

Freediving Training Secrets has about 60 minutes of videos to watch per week.

3 days a week you will have 20-30 minutes of breath-hold exercises.
2 days a week you will have less than 5 minutes of stretching.
2 days a week you have completely off.

If you want to dive deeper and stay longer.
It's simple - train for your sport, I'll show you how.

What Will You learn?


Whether its Tim Kennedy for the Discovery Channel, a SEAL instructor, a beginner, intermediate or advanced freediver the first thing I ALWAYS teach first is my breath-hold fundamentals. 

WHY? Because its the fastest and easiest way to make big improvements to your breath-hold performance. 

Fundamental #1

Learn to take a 
bigger breath 

Take in more fuel and obviously you will increase your time.

Fundamental #2

Learn how to breathe BEFORE you start your dive.

This is one of the biggest secrets to increasing your breath hold and dive times

Fundamental #3

Learn how to activate your mammalian dive reflex.

This will help you increase your breath hold and dive times, by activating this primal reflex.

Put your new founds skill to work with


A logical week by week training plan 

The training program is designed to build on what you learned the previous weeks so you are performing more advanced exercises, and not doing the same thing over and over.

A core focus will be to lengthening the easy part the breath-hold

This training plan will teach you how to minimize and delay your contractions, so that you can lengthen the easy part of your breath-hold.

The 8 most effective breath-holding exercises I use

I'm not a fan of the traditional 02 and c02 tables that everyone uses. They are awful and take up way too much time.   Who wants to do the same 2 exercises over and over.

If the Discovery Channel, Tim Kennedy, Ben Greenfield, a SEAL Instructor, Cartoon Network, and the CEO of Twitter trust me to work with them....why wouldn't you?

Limited Offer for Freediving Summit viewers

Now it's time to go from the couch to the deep water with

Freediving Training Secrets

I will show you how to dive deeper, stay longer, and be more comfortable at depth

Testimonials from past students of 
Freediving Training Secrets

There are lots of instructors out there and just as many opinions about the "right way" to train freediving skills.
What really makes Ted stand out as an excellent teaching resource is his long experience with different approaches and his passion for constantly refining his curriculum as he teaches and learns.
It's clear from the three Immersion Freediving programs I've taken that the teachings are the result of long practice, collaboration, practical application, and incorporation of new proven ideas.The final product is easy to absorb, and easy to have faith in as the reasoning behind each technique is concisely delivered with every lesson.

Sandy Gibson

Hi. I really enjoyed the program and truly believe that it has helped my freediving. It has improved my comfort in the water and I can do it anywhere and anytime. 
I am from Canada and so the course was a bit more expensive for me but the ability to use the info now and a year from now makes it well worth the money to me. Ted is an excellent instructor and easy to talk to.

Dave Huxley

With over 45 years taking technical courses in military tactics, firefighting, paramedical life support, technical rescue, basic & advanced scuba, commercial deep sea diving, exercise physiology, and lots of anatomy & physiology, I believe Ted Harty is one of the best instructors I've ever had.

Bill Kyser - Founder of Special Forces Training Academy

This course is a perfect progression of Ted Harty's coaching and instruction. Any person who's into spearfishing, freediving, and looking to progress will benefit from real progression and training. It doesn't take much time to onramp and Ted makes it super clear how to get going and continue. 
Be honest with how often many of us are able to get in the water and for how long. Focused, effective training for that precious in water time greatly enhances safety, the quality of the hunt, comfort and performance in the water. Big return on investments now and in the future with these sports.

Vincent Sorrento

There is not a "one fits all". Ted's teaching ability is unpassed. He is the best at explaining the same concept in different ways and with various examples, making things super clear and easy to follow. 
You will be able to practice the exercises that Ted reveals in the corse in the years to come, continuing to improve your diving skills.  
The best money ever spent !

Andrea Occhi

Watch Vincent discuss his experience with Freediving Training Secrets

Here is everything you are going to get with
Freediving Training Secrets

1-Week Breath Hold Fundementals Course

During the first week, you will learn my Breath-Hold Fundamentals. Whenever I work with a freediver, whether Tim Kennedy for Discovery Channel, Ben Greenfield, the CEO of Twitter, a beginner, or an advanced freediver, I ALWAYS start with these fundamentals. Why? Because it's the fastest way to increase your freediving and breath-holding abilities.

6-Week Freediving Training Secrets Program

You will learn 8 of my favorite dry land training exercises you can do from home without going to the pool or the ocean, so that you can dive deeper, stay longer, and become safer. Each week there will be you will unlock a new training video where I will explain what you need to understand for that week and what exercises to do from home. Each week builds on the prior week. You have unlimited access to the videos.

Freedive Live Video Series, A Deep Dive Into Important Freediving Topics (20+ Hours)

Freedive Live was a video show I produced. It's a backstage pass into the Immersion Freediving classroom, where I teach a variety of my material. It's like a podcast, but I could share and discuss videos during the show. I created over 25 episodes. I'll give you a single link where you can watch every single one.

All 4 Immersion Freediving Breathe-Up Training Tools 

This tool guides you through the breathe-up methods taught in the program.  Each version has a different exhale time so you can find the one that works best for you.

Hit play and check it out!

Here’s EVERYTHING You Get Access to Inside of Freediving Training Secrets 

  • Freediving Training Secrets  - Six week training plan                              ($895  Value)  Training program to dive deeper and stay longer
  • Breath  Hold Fundamentals  - Prep course                                                ($349 Value)  Jump start your freediving and breath-hold abilities
  • 20+ hours of video instruction Freedive Live                                      ($249 Value) Backstage pass to the Immersion Freediving Classroom  
  • All 4 of the Immersion Freediving Breathe-up Tools                                 ($39 Value)

Once the timer reaches zero the price goes up from $175 to $225.

 Go all in with Freediving Training Secrets now and save $50.

TOTAL VALUE: $1532.00
NORMAL PRICE : $225.00
TODAY: $175

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with your purchase, please, contact me directly within 30 days, and I will happily give you a full refund.


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No Questions Asked 
Money Back Guarantee.

Within 30 days of the start of Freediving Training Secrets, if you feel you are not getting results, 
I will happily refund you the price of the Freediving Training Secrets - no questions asked.

Your Questions Answered!

How long do I get access to the course?
Most online course creators answer this question with LIFETIME ACCESS! But who's lifetime? Mine? Yours? Here is what I can tell you, You will have access to this course for as long as it's reasonable for me to maintain the site, which I plan on being a long, long time! (5 years so far).
I'm swamped, Ted. What happens if I get busy?
Because you can access the recording and training whenever you want, you can come back and start the training whenever you have the time.
When does it start?
This course runs completely on your own schedule.  It starts whenever you are ready.
Is this similar to your 28 Day Freediving Transformation training course?
Yes and No.   The 28 day program was my first attempt at creating an online training program for freediving.   Over the years after watching people go through the program I realized I made some mistakes.  Each week of training was the same as every other week.  There was no progression of exercises, and no ability to focus on one thing, You were doing 3 different exercises each week.  Also there was no differentiation between a beginner or advanced diver they were all told to  do the same things.    

Freediving Training Secrets is  structured in a way so you are learning new skills and exercises each week.  I also provide different versions of the workout based on if you are a beginner or more advanced.   I also teach a total of 10 exercises in Freediving Training Secrets..
Ted, I already went through the Double Your Breath Hold Challenge. What else is there to learn?
The Double Your Breath Hold Challenge taught you my breath-hold fundamentals. Now, you will learn the next logical skill sets. How to feel more comfortable underwater, and how to implement an at home training program.. If you are not comfortable underwater, it doesn't matter how long you can hold your breath on the couch.
I've already taken a freediving course. Would I learn anything from this?
Absolutely. My 4-day PFI Intermediate class was one of the most comprehensive courses in the U.S.A, and I only had enough time to spend around 30-45 minutes on how to train after the course was over. This course does an infinitely better job of teaching you how to train at home than my $1250 4-day PFI Intermediate Freediving course.
How much time will this take per week?
Each week you get access to the weekly training video (averages around 60 minutes) where you will learn the underlying principles and exercises for the week. 3 days a week, you have around 20-30 minutes of exercise, 2 days a week, you only have 5 minutes of exercise, and two days, you get completely off.
Should I take in-person freediving course or Freediving Training Secrets?
Both! This is one of the best things you could do to prepare for a freediving class. By going through this program, your freediving physiology is getting a workout. You will be used to breath-holding and prepared for depth when you show up to your class. You will be better able to focus on your instructor's technique suggestions instead of concentrating on feeling uncomfortable underwater.

Limited Offer for Freediving Summit viewers

Now it's time to shift from watching interviews to committing to an actual training plan with

Freediving Training Secrets

I will show you how to dive deeper, stay longer, and be more comfortable at depth

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